Naples Children & Education Foundation’s official brand palette contains two signature colors. Every attempt should be made to adhere to this color palette, which should also be considered when selecting complementary colors.

Primary Colors


Pantone 281 C

  • CMYK Values: C=100 M=85 Y=5 K=36
  • RGB Values: R=0 G=32 B=91
  • Hex Value: #00205B

NCEF Yellow

Pantone 124 C

  • CMYK Values: C=0 M=30 Y=100 K=0
  • RGB Values: R=234 G=170 B=0
  • Hex Value: #EAAA00

Secondary Color

NCEF Black

Pantone Black C

  • CMYK Values: C=0% M=0% Y=0% K=100%
  • RGB Values: R=0 G=0 B=0
  • Hex Value: #000000