The Naples Winter Wine Festival logo must be used in its original proportion, and no changes or modifications to the logo shall be made without the prior written consent of NCEF.

Primary Logo

Please use this logo in all applications when possible.

Secondary Logos

Use these logos ONLY in instances where the primary logo does not work with the background color or if printing restrictions apply. Whenever possible, use the NWWF logo in the approved NWWF Maroon or NCEF Blue. While NWWF Tan is a primary brand color, it is not recommended as a secondary logo option for readability purposes.

When applying the logo on a background color such as NWWF Tan or a color outside the official brand palette, using the logo in black or as a reverse (white) logo is recommended.

Sizing & Clear Spacing

The minimum amount of clear space allowed around the logo is equal to the thickness of the outer band of stripes that encircles the logo.

The smallest acceptable logo size for print use is a height of 3/4 inch, in consideration of reproduction quality and readability of small type. For best reproduction results when using a smaller logo size, secondary logos (solid color or reverse) are recommended.

Logo Don’ts

Don’t Alter Colors

Do not change any of the colors on any of the logo elements. If the background that you are using does not work with the primary logo, please use the secondary logos as needed.

Don’t Stretch or Shrink

When changing the size of the logo, always maintain the original height and width aspect ratio. Check to ensure that you are using the proportional scaling feature available in most software.

Don’t Rearrange or Rotate

To maintain logo integrity, never rearrange or alter any element of the logo. For consistency, never rotate the logo horizontally, or vertically or both.

Don’t Use “Pixelated” Logos

Use the logo files created for print and web for their intended functions only. If you notice the logo looks fuzzy or pixelated, check to make sure you’re using the correct file for its intended use.